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Erasing my misconception that I knew what adventure was all about, my daughter Sophie arrived in January 2009. Her mom Dana and I were married in September 2007, making these two lovely ladies the best parts about returning to Mississippi, by far. My son Hamilton arrived in February 2011 to help me fight off the waves of pink, and Isaac showed up in 2016 as further testosterone reinforcement. They are all riding the small company roller coaster with me in my latest endeavor, Kopis Mobile.

Smart Synch

The reason for my return to my home state of Mississippi was to be the Chief Technology Officer for SmartSynch the leading provider of wireless communication technology to the electric utility industry. It gave me a chance to learn many new things in a interesting new field, import my expertise from California, and contribute to my community. SmartSynch was subsequently sold to Itron.

Smart Synch
Henry John

For a little while, I was trying to keep myself crazy by working two full-time jobs -- with the MLB Company to introduce their autonomous airplanes to a wider market, and as a founder of a non-profit social venture named LumiMap which brought the latest in mapping technology to aid in disaster relief efforts. Rather than go into detail about them, I'll suggest that you just go to their websites.

I completed my Ph.D. in 2003 in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Sanford University working in the Aerospace Robotics Laboratory. My research into the operation of multiple robots or unmanned vehicles evolved from work with the Hummingbird Helicopter Project.

In 2000 I started a company with my best friend Clark Love. The company, Forest One was a groundbreaking remote sensing and geospatial technology for the forest products industry. Clark did a great job as its CEO and eventually had a great exit to Thomson Reuters.

Before Stanford, I went to the University Of Mississippi where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. I was involved in student government there and became a member of Eta Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. While I was at Ole Miss, I spent a semester at Moscow State University where I studied Russian, made some very good friends, and had many once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Henry John

I will drop anything to play sports, particularly basketball and golf, or watch any game involving an Ole Miss team. In 1995 the FAA saw fit to give me a private pilot license, so I like any chance to take a Cessna 172 or Cherokee Warrior for a spin. I also enjoy scuba diving and snow skiing, but unfortunately these hobbies involve more wherewithal and large blocks of time than I currently have available. To make sure I stay busy, I sing bass in the choir at my church after getting tuned back in while in California.

My parents, Frank & Ann Jones, still live where I grew up -- Richton, Mississippi, a town of 1000 people that was a really nice place to be a kid. I have two "little" brothers, John and Walt, who definitely married up. I also have four nephews and three nieces who I thoroughly enjoy being around.

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